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That's right, there is no single perfect handheld GPS unit on the planet for deer hunters. You might have a unit your thinking of that you consider perfect for yourself, but of course, not everyone out there has the same needs.

However, the good news is is that we can get pretty close to the perfect GPS for deer hunters, and lower down the page you will find a good list of choices. These GPS units are considered some of the best for deer hunting. Highly rated by the hunting community, you'll find these units most utilized.

However, there are a lot factors to consider when choosing a good GPS. A lot depends on how you intend on using it. I cannot really recommend one particular brand or model, it will be up to you to further your research. the list I provided below will be a good start. I encourage you to take my list, google their names and determine for yourself what is best for you. GPS is growing quickly, it's getting cheaper and models are getting smaller. I encourage you to check back for updates to this article.

Critical Features your GPS will need if Deer Hunting

- A good battery with a long life (A charge should last at least 15 to 23 hours)

- Memory for way points. The greater your memory storage the more waypoints you can store (Get at least a 14 meg unit)

-Light weight and portable, as if you didn't already know this.

- If you hunt at night, make sure the screen is large and easy to read

- WAAS capability is important, this gives you GPS accuracy up to 3 meters

- Water proof/resistant

Top Rated GPS for Deer Hunting

- Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx

- Garmin Etrex Camo

- Magellan Explorist 200

- Garmin GPS 60

Handheld GPS and battery life

Long battery life is almost as important as GPS accuracy. You can probably imagine why. Hunting Deer is no short event. Heck, most deer hunting can last days on end. A lot of frustration can be reduced with a long GPS battery. Having a solid battery keeps you out of trouble and allows you the freedom of extending the hunt to locations you would not go otherwise. Again, its a good idea to make sure you handheld GPS fits the long battery life criteria before making a purchase.
GPS Memory and Deer Hunting

If you have been hunting for awhile, you probably have a hotspot or two that you like to frequent. There is nothing worse that racking up a bunch of hotspot waypoints in your unit only to find your maxxed out on memory and you need to start deleting old spots. So save yourself the trouble, when shopping for a GPS unit, make sure to include lots of memory in your criteria for the perfect unit.

Having a Light Weight and Portable GPS Unit

I can't think of a single hunter who likes walking around the woods with a heavy GPS on his back. The deer don't like it either. There are some handheld GPS that weigh up to 3.5 pounds. That would be flat out ridiculous to go hunting with I would have to say that two pounds is as heavy as I go for deer hunting units. And of course, this means your criteria should include a unit that must be at or below two pounds.


WAAS is one of those things that have been around for awhile now and most people still have no idea what it is. WAAS is one of those capabilities that gives your GPS device incredible accuracy. Accuracy of up to 3 meters. Knowing where you are with minute detail is something you cannot afford to pass up when shopping for a unit that will be responsible for getting you our of a dark forest or while up in the mountains. You need this!!

Rainshowers, mudpuddles and your GPS

Obviously, weather is an issue when outdoors and in the woods. There is nothing worse then being 10 miles away away from camp and it starts raining. Oh wait, having a GPS unit that is not water resistant in that scenario would qualify it as worse. You will probably have trouble finding a manufacturer towting that their GPS unit is waterproof or water resistant. The thing to consider here is that the unit should at least be capable of being outfitted with some sort of case.

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